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One of the leading nationally certified minority business enterprise, service-disabled veteran owned providers of energy efficiency solutions in the nation, SEEL is an energy efficiency program implementation, management and training contractor. SEEL embraces the mantra, “Every utility customer deserves a path to energy efficiency.” To achieve maximum results for its utility customers, SEEL integrates its in-house services, proprietary digital platform, and its unique ability to bring energy saving solutions to hard-to-reach communities to achieve maximum results for its utility customers. A multi-award winning company, SEEL offers a suite of energy management services to households, multifamily dwellings and small businesses on behalf of its utility customers throughout the Midwest and southern regions of the United States. SEEL also offers workforce development, in-house weatherization services and BPI Training. Learn more at www.seelllc.com


The Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (MEEA) is a collaborative network, promoting energy efficiency to optimize energy generation, reduce consumption, create jobs and decrease carbon emissions in all Midwest communities. We welcome you to the 2022 Midwest Energy Solutions Conference. Learn more at www.mwalliance.org.

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