Add On Options

At-Home Gift Box

Give attendees a branded item straight to their home. Choose from a variety of items to brand with your logo. Additional cost varies by item. Space is limited. Opportunity is open to Bronze sponsors and above.

Virtual Gift Bag

Send a promotional flyer or discount on a product directly to attendees. Buy attendees a coffee or the opportunity to order in with a gift card to your favorite coffee chain or food delivery service. Silver sponsors and above will be able to add in flyers for free. Gift card option prices vary.

Live Room Demo

Show off your platform or walk through your services with a 20 minute presentation. This is your opportunity to invite specific attendees and present your content, your way.

Complimentary to Platinum and Gold sponsors. Available to other levels for an additional fee.


Empower students and young professionals to get involved in the industry and gain professional development experience. Sponsoring the MES 2021 scholarship will provide support for the next generation of EE decision makers and leaders to attend the conference. Price varies depending on parameters that will be set by sponsor and MEEA.


2021 MES Conference

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